Because increasing insights is equal to decreasing costs.

Architectural Modelling

Leading Industry Research

Our world-class team is committed to generating industry-leading cybersecurity-oriented research and publishing those results. This research will not be limited to the cyber threat landscape or top challenges in analytics; it will also include the latest treatment of advanced analytics, research into quantum computing, and decision science. Our aim is simple: to be a primary destination for advanced cybersecurity practitioners to increase their scientifically based knowledge.

We are conducting a detailed study of how cybersecurity practitioners analyze dashboards and SPOGS.  This will be extending the research done by Paul Yardis into the cyber-security field in as part of our overarching efforts to develop the next generation of Cyber Visual Analytics and High-Order Augmented Intelligence.

Our research will be publicly available with industry vertical studies available for purchase.   

Insights, Capabilities and Reduced OPEX/CAPEX

Visibility into a global network has proven elusive and expensive - both in the instrumenting of networks and in the failure to detect threats. Yet, as our IT, OT, IoT, and physical worlds become inextricably intertwined the need for network visibility to understand "what devices do I have on my network" and "what are they doing at any point in time" is acute.   


CISOs need next-generation solutions that are more effective and less costly than past generations of equipment.  CISOs need the ability to deploy sensors on networks both physically and virtually at speed and scale without being disruptive.  

This is the NetRadar platform in a nutshell: passive, non-invasive, able to aggregate data from multiple collectors, perform edge, and data-lake based analytics for global visibility at low cost.  Within minutes of deploying NetRadar, you will see things you never knew existed. You'll begin building a level of network understanding necessary in today's world at a reasonable cost.

Next-Generation Machine Learning
& Visual Analytics

Our secret sauce is multi-dimensional based on our two core components approaches to ML and Visual Analytics.

Our research directorate is taking a novel and scientific approach to creating Decision Supremacy in cybersecurity through Visual Analytics. We are incorporating scientific bodies of knowledge such as the Neuroscience of Decision Making, with design principles such as Gestalts 6 Principles, and Tuffte's tenets into our platform. 


This meshing of design and hard science into creating visual analytics is a first in the cybersecurity industry.   

All of this translates into the development of what we call Spherical Awareness: a 360-degree, full-sphere visualization of the network, activity, heuristics, devices, primitives, etc. Spherical Awareness will enable an enhanced understanding of multi-dimensional and multi-temporal, time-sequenced data.  We are pioneers in this space. 


Leading the World

We believe innovations largely come from the fringe and that we can create a "blue ocean" in the realm of cybersecurity. If these efforts prove successful, the efforts of CISOs and cyber experts to secure our digital world will be amplified and more effective.

We also believe we can change how cyberspace and security are conceptualized and thus approached in the best of ways.  We are open to partnerships in these endeavors and always welcome input.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or about how we can partner to "design the future."