Managed cyber-physical services 

InsightCyber's subscription-based modular services grow as your IoT investment grows -- beginning with monitoring and incident response.


The InsightCyber portfolio of Managed IOT Security Services, based on the NetRadar™ visibility and analytics platform, includes the following modules:

  1. InsightCyber Rapid Assess™, an entry-level service that provides periodic asset inventory and threat scans for specific plants. Rapid Assess takes information from NetRadar and using our customizable machine-learning and analytics platform, Rapid Assess provides reports describing a maturity rating and recommended security posture.

  2. InsightCyber Security & Risk Assess™, which provides a detailed cyber-risk assessment based on InsightCyber’s best practices-based ICS/OT risk methodology.

  3. InsightCyber IoT Monitor™, which provides 24x7x365 visibility and threat monitoring for an unlimited number of plants.

  4. InsightCyber OT SOC™, which extends IoT Monitor with incident response, KPI monitoring and remediation capabilities.

  5. InsightCyber Lifecycle™, which extends OT SOC with periodic OT health checks and risk scoring based on standard frameworks.

Custom real-time dashboards for every line of business.

The InsightCyber technology stack incorporates best of breed, best practices and proven models, integrated with event correlations, risk scoring and continuous monitoring. We use patent-pending artificial-intelligence technology for cost-effective and manageable operations at global scale.


  • For security operations teams, InsightCyber services deliver customer-specific contexted and actionable event streams.

  • For OT teams, they provide improved operational efficiencies. 

  • Each InsightCyber managed service includes configurable dashboards for enterprise professionals involved in executive management, risk management, compliance & audit, technology and security & plant operations.

Our InsightCyber IoT risk assessments use an underlying risk methodology that focuses on specific controls that access critical assets, infrastructure, IoT controls, IoT operations and connectivity. We do this by reviewing the existing IoT posture. Our methodology also emphasizes operational best practices for each Control area, as well as the organizational effectiveness and maturity of internal policies and procedures.

InsightCyber assigns a score to each risk.

InsightCyber Dynamic Risk Score™.  Our cyber-risk severity model assigns a score to production assets depending on the frequency and urgency of issues and ranks them according to priority.  This approach offers IIoT production risk management benefits in real-time:

  • Pinpoints security vulnerabilities and anomalies

  • Monitors thresholds to identify potential operational problems and issues

  • Determines dynamic risk scores across production assets

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• Device ID, Behavioral Profiles, Security Actions/ Whitelisting, Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth

• Monitor up to 2,000 OT and IoT devices … at no obligation!


Get started right now with InsightCyber NetRadar Express™ –
the entry-level version of our core NetRadar™ platform!



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