2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

This annual report from Verizon analyzed a record total of 157,525 incidents, 32,002 of which met their quality standards. The data coverage this year is so comprehensive that it shines through the monochromatic front cover, reinforcing the mission of the DBIR as being a data-driven resource.

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Cyber-Physical Systems

Read InsightCyber Chief Scientist Marty Trevino's cover article in the Department of Defense's prestigious journal Prism: The Journal of Complex Operations. 

Marty illustrates the complexity, dangers and opportunities of cyber-physical security.

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Intelligence Community Data Strategy

The US Intelligence Data Strategy is a pivotal document for those engaged in defense or nation-state efforts.  This document can also serve to augment the data efforts of any IT organization.

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Foresight Review of Cybersecurity for the IIoT

IoT-enabled industrial control systems (ICS) are becoming a significant proportion of current and future critical infrastructures, with high uptake in areas like energy, transport, the built environment and manufacturing facilities.


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US National Intelligence Strategy

Insight Cyber's nation-state work often directly relates to the US Intelligence Strategy.  Here is the 2019 pdf from the Directorate of National Intelligence.

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Industrial IoT Survey 2020

This research study by the IoT Magazine, in association with Mindbowser Global, focuses on understanding the current state of IIoT and its future outlook. The objective is to understand and
forecast industry trends and business sentiments. 

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2020 SIEM Report from CORE Security

The 2020 SIEM Survey Report represents one of the most comprehensive surveys

on SIEM to date, designed to explore the latest trends, key challenges, and solution

preferences for SIEM.

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Tallinn Manual

The Tallinn Manual is the seminal work in cyber warfare.  It is a non-binding study on how international law applies to cyber conflicts.


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The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Cybersecurity

As the global impact of COVID-19 manifested itself in the US in the middle of March, ESG and ISSA decided to conduct an in-depth survey in April 2020 of 364 cybersecurity and IT professionals from the global ISSA member list. 

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