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The Cybersecurity Industry is Falling Farther and Farther Behind

by Francis Cianfrocca

Enterprise cybersecurity has never been more challenging.

Highly-capable state-funded cyber-attackers are coming after you, faster and more intensely than ever. They target industrial production, critical infrastructure and the IoT, not just IT assets. And the timing couldn’t be worse, with system vulnerabilities exploding due to the rapid rise in telework and cloud-based deployments.

But the cybersecurity industry is falling farther and farther behind. Putting up firewalls and searching SIEM logs for known system vulnerabilities does nothing to stop the new breed of cybercriminals. They’re trying to disrupt the hidden connections among converged IT, IoT, industrial assets, and critical infrastructure. They are stealthy, diabolical and fast. You need completely new tools just to keep from falling behind them.

At Insight Cyber Group, we’ve pioneered NetRadar™, a new kind of artificial intelligence platform that looks deeply into networks for suspicious behaviors rather than signatures.

Combined with our highly-responsive intelligence center and world-class partners, NetRadar accurately detects actual threats and previously-unknown malware, not just vulnerabilities. We’ll tell you exactly where and how the bad guys are attacking you, and how to respond. You become far more proactive and cost-effective, and need fewer skilled personnel.

NetRadar is a continuous-monitoring subscription service that effortlessly delivers global enterprise views, with initial results in just hours. It’s easy and safe to set up, with highly-accurate data collectors installed in your own networks, remote locations, industrial plants, and cloud environments.

If you’re worried about the attackers who right now are targeting your assets and your people, you owe it to yourself to investigate NetRadar.

We are currently offering a 30-day risk-free trial to qualified organizations.

Francis Cianfrocca is CEO of InsightCyber.

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