Press Release | Insight Cyber’s Portfolio of IoT Risk Management Services Is Now Available


Aims to address critical gaps in IoT cybersecurity and risk management technologies

FEBRUARY 6, 2018, RALEIGH, N.C. – Insight Cyber Group, a provider of monitoring and incident response services for the Internet of Things, today announced availability of its flagship portfolio of risk management services.

The Insight Cyber services provide continuous, real-time cyber risk management of Industrial IoT assets and improved operational efficiencies. Delivered via subscription, the scalable services combine NG visibility and expert analytics with proprietary automated tools. The Company is providing its proven services to household name industrial enterprises.

“Our objective is to help enable organizations’ investments in IoT and cyber technologies to succeed,” explained Francis Cianfrocca, the Company’s founder. “To do this, we are augmenting today’s visibility technologies with actionable insights. We are changing the way people think about IoT risk management, from something you do on a questionnaire twice a year to something that is continuously monitored.”

“Insight Cyber supports the entire lifecycle of risk monitoring and incident response capabilities required by today’s industrial enterprises,” said Ed Amoroso, Founder & CEO of TAG Cyber, a leading cybersecurity advisory service. “For CISOs, this offers a reduction of cyber risk, one of the most expensive problems in corporate America today.”

Expert Analysis

Insight Cyber Group is a unique team of practitioners with decades of experience in cybersecurity, risk and industrial process management. The Company’s proprietary technology stack incorporates best of breed, best practices and proven models, integrated with event correlations, risk scoring and continuous monitoring.

For security operations teams, Insight services deliver customer-specific contexted and actionable event streams. For Operational Technology (OT) teams, it provides improved operational efficiencies.

Addressing the Gaps

The Company has identified three critical gaps in IoT cybersecurity and risk management that its services will address:

1. The Analytics Gap. Today’s visibility technologies deliver IoT analytics that are not detailed or granular enough. Cyber-risk and operations teams require analytics that deliver the rich detail required for NG visibility into operational processes.

2. The Context Gap. IoT events lack context for interpretation. An ideal way to augment visibility is to feed data through a context engine which incorporates domain-specific intelligence that converts event streams into actionable insights.

3. The Skills & Knowledge Gap. There is a severe shortage of skilled IoT cyber resources. The only way to fill this gap is with experts that provide you with the combination of IoT/OT and cyber knowledge needed to proactively defend your organization and fine-tune your operational process models.

The Value of Insight Cyber Services

Insight Cyber’s expert service-based approach delivers immediate value to IoT organizations by combining superior production data and state-of-the-art analytics with expert human intelligence. Positive business outcomes include measurable cyber risk monitoring, proactive defense of IoT production environments and improved operational process efficiencies.

Insight Cyber protects IoT investments with advanced data collection tools that provide deeply granular views of process and SCADA data; NG visibility that detects security and production issues; and dynamic, NIST-based risk scoring of IoT assets. The services deliver contexted, actionable IoT event streams tailored to each customer’s environment.

Insight Services extend the customer’s knowledge base by augmenting the existing team with expert analysts.

About Insight Cyber Group

Insight Cyber Group provides a portfolio of expert services that deliver continuous, real-time cyber risk management and improved operational efficiencies of industrial IoT assets. Our services combine NG visibility and context analytics with proprietary automated tools. Insight Cyber supports the entire lifecycle of risk monitoring and incident response capabilities required by today’s industrial enterprises. Our team of IoT data scientists and cyber experts has decades of experience with Fortune 500 industrial automation companies.

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