Monitoring and incident response for the IoT.™

The InsightCyber services technology stack incorporates best of breed, best practices and proven models integrated with event correlations, risk scoring and continuous monitoring.

  • For security operations teams, InsightCyber services deliver customer-specific contexted and actionable event streams.
  • For OT teams, InsightCyber services provide improved operational efficiencies.

Custom real-time dashboards for every line of business.

Delivered via subscription, each InsightCyber managed service includes configurable dashboards for enterprise professionals involved in executive management, risk management, compliance & audit, technology and security & plant operations.

InsightCyber Assigns a Score to Each Risk

InsightCyber Dynamic Risk Score™.  Our cyber-risk severity model assigns a score to production assets depending on the frequency and urgency of issues and ranks them according to priority.  This approach offers IIoT production risk management benefits in real-time:

– Pinpoints security vulnerabilities and anomalies

– Monitors thresholds to identify potential operational problems and issues

– Determines dynamic risk scores across production assets


Get started right now with InsightCyber NetRadar Express™ –

the entry-level version of our core NetRadar™ platform!

1. Go to
2. Follow the installation instructions
3. Start monitoring!

• Device ID, Behavioral Profiles, Security Actions/ Whitelisting, Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth
• Monitor up to 2,000 OT and IoT devices … at no obligation!