Pervasive network visibility - at scale!

The InsightCyber NetRadar™ platform helps your organization pivot from a reactive to proactive posture.


What is the NetRadar™ Platform?

NetRadar is technical instrumentation of your network that you install by either a small hardware appliance or virtual machine per network segment. NetRadar utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect user, application, and behavioral anomalies on each network segment.


What happens when I install NetRadar?

NetRadar provides a near-zero installation effort and through our platform application we display devices we are detecting on the network segment over the next several hours. As devices come and go offline, we learn what becomes a normal business rhythm of your network.

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Does NetRadar make any changes to my network?

NetRadar makes no changes to your network. You provide it an IP address as just another device on your network. NetRadar uses passive listening to determine behavior analysis of your network devices, users, and applications. NetRadar will alert through the application dashboard when it detects anomalies worthy of your attention.

What are the benefits of using NetRadar?

NetRadar provides 24x7x365 assurance that your networks are monitored and spurious behaviors are being noted and alerted upon.

NetRadar is a business enabler because not only does it detect potentially malicious behaviors, but it adapts and learns changes to the network and those that might pose problems or be indicative of unauthorized activity, such as a device coming online for only an hour, downloading files, and going off again.

Other benefits:

  • Detects attacks when the malware gains a foothold on your networks, before their malicious payloads can be activated – enables security to stop any attack before it occurs.

  • Detects zero-day attacks that bypass signature-based technology.

  • Provides behavior analytics and usage patterns to aid your security team and executives with how assets are being utilized.

  • Supplements existing staff and provides information other security appliances aren’t detecting.

  • Enables broad visibility of your asset security across the enterprise, cloud, and datacenter environments.

  • Delivers quantitative risk scores to highlight problem network areas.

  • Full visual attack-attempt replays of malicious behaviors to share with your auditors, executive teams and board members.

  • Eliminates false positives – actions have to take place and be detected as anomalous for NetRadar to alert upon them.

  • Eliminates false negatives – proven to detect malicious behaviors NOT DETECTED by other vendors or technologies.

How can NetRadar provide cost savings within my security program?

InsightCyber provides continuous monitoring as either a primary security operations center (SOC) or as a valuable secondary SOC. Organizations no longer have to fund their own 24x7x365 SOC or utilize a third-party that doesn’t leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect subtle attack behaviors.

Additional cost savings:

  • Provides detections that are a hard-to-find skillset for even an advanced security team.

  • Inexhaustible – always detecting 24 hours a day, saves budget on revolving personnel.

  • Detects w/o requiring human correlation across multiple, security devices.

  • Provides immediate audit trail and replay capability for attack verifications.

  • Streamlines incident response programs and enables better table-top exercises.

  • Quantitative risk scoring adds accuracy to any organizational risk management program.

  • Reduces cyber insurance premiums with NetRadar evidence of performance.

  • Eliminates need for overly-expensive rapid-response retainers since early detection provides the ability to stop attacks before they progress to an actual attack.