Inside our NetRadar Visibility Engine for Managed IoT Security

What Is InsightCyber NetRadar?

NetRadar is a technology platform that provides visibility, analytics, event-response, and remediation capabilities for cyber-physical systems. NetRadar provides the foundation of the five InsightCyber Services, which provide subscription-based monitoring and incident response for the IoT. NetRadar’s platform capabilities and features include:

  • Cost-effective, non-invasive data collection from cyber-physical environments
  • Advanced edge analytics for high scalability
  • Centralized data aggregation and dashboard visualizations
  • Ruggedizations for applications in harsh and sensitive environments

What we do: Pervasive IoT Radar. 

Some forward-looking organizations are starting to looking at risk, but most still do security as perimeter defense because that’s all they know, and that’s the only tech they can buy. InsightCyber NetRadar provides the foundation for advanced analytics such as our detailed risk assessment methodology, SOC management and lifecycle management.

What do you get with NetRadar?

  • Software plus lightweight sensor deployment
  • Service packages include unlimited monitoring, support and expert guidance
  • Advanced AI/ML and analytics
  • Upgradeable to InsightCyber managed IoT security services at your own pace

The NetRadar Portal

1 – Assets main

2 – Assets expanded

3 – Geo view

4 – Assets map

5 – Assets tables

6 -Servers sorted by size

InsightCyber Sensors 

Plant-level sensor device delivers:

  • Inspects network packets in transit (non-invasive) (DPI)
  • Dissects the application-level data and protocols (L2 to L7 granularity)
  • Identifies anomalous traffic based on the normal behavior of the environment
  • InsightCyber’s advanced edge-analytics
  • Sends data digests and alerts to upstream applications
  • Minimizes additional processing to reduce size and weight
  • Cloud reporting or premise-based reporting

We offer two options:

Top – InsightCyber IoT Sensor Model 6036
Bottom – InsightCyber IoT Model 4032

Typical Managed Service Deployment Model


Get started right now with InsightCyber NetRadar Express™ –

the entry-level version of our core NetRadar™ platform!

1. Go to
2. Follow the installation instructions
3. Start monitoring!

• Device ID, Behavioral Profiles, Security Actions/ Whitelisting, Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth
• Monitor up to 2,000 OT and IoT devices … at no obligation!