Insight IIoTAssess™

Static IIoT Analysis

IIoTAssess is our entry-level service, providing static IIoT analysis. With your production data, we provide initial maps of your network locations.

With this service, our proprietary context engine and expert analytics provide asset management, high-level enterprise risk analysis, and assessments of potential impacts.

As shown in the Insight Cyber IIoTCurve, our services guide you from the initial stages of security vulnerability and operations assessment, all the way through the entire IIoT maturity lifecycle. 

Each service corresponds with a maturity phase on the curve.


Insight Cyber Dynamic Risk Score™.  Our cyber-risk severity model assigns a score to production assets depending on the frequency and urgency of issues and ranks them according to priority.  This approach offers IIoT production risk management benefits in real-time:

– Pinpoints security vulnerabilities and anomalies

– Monitors thresholds to identify potential operational problems and issues

– Determines dynamic risk scores across production assets



Insight Cyber’s expert service-based approach delivers immediate value to your organization. We combine superior production data and state-of-the-art analytics with expert human intelligence. Our positive outcomes include measurable cyber risk monitoring, proactive defense of your IIoT production environment and improved operational process efficiencies.

– We protect your investments with advanced data collection tools that provide deeply granular views of process and SCADA data; NG visibility that detects security and production issues; and dynamic, NIST-based risk scoring of IoT assets

– We deliver contexted and actionable IIoT event streams designed for your environment

– We extend your knowledge base by augmenting your existing team with dynamic reports and expert analysis


  • Maximum uptime of IIoT processes, increasing productivity and eliminating lost revenue
  • Proactive defense of the IIoT production environment
  • Generation of actionable, insightful events
  • Reduced costs stemming from problem remediation and process inefficiencies
  • Standards and regulatory compliance
  • Continuous assessment and scoring of IIoT risks


  • Technical staff augmented by experts
  • Real-time monitoring of IIoT assets and improved operational efficiencies
  • Semantic analysis of IIoT protocols, filtration and correlation of network metadata, telemetry, SCADA, Syslog and historian data
  • Remediation of IIoT false positives and narrowing down of indicators
  • Generation of complex rules to apply to network flows (process modeling)
  • Proven deployable models via Deep Learning analytics tailored to customer domains