On-Demand BRIGHTTALK Webinar: Key Advancements in Prediction Analytics

Join CEO Francis Cianfrocca and Chief Intelligence Officer Joan Ross as they describe how today's market challenges led them to consider cybersecurity from a completely new perspective: through the lens of ML/AI.


The pandemic has intensified the major trend facing cybersecurity managers: the need to do more with less. Resource-strapped CISOs need new technologies and new approaches to do their jobs, which are changing rapidly. The key cybersec megatrends – all of which make a CISO’s job harder than ever – are:


- Cyber-physical systems

- The move to cloud

- The skills/knowledge gap


In addition to the operational challenges of keeping organizations cyber-secure, there also is a glaring and under-reported gap in risk management and governance. Many areas of business management need help from CISOs and they aren’t getting it. This includes compliance/audit, business planning, even marketing.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the way out of all these dilemmas.

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Webinar: Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber Security

Please join Marty J. Trevino, InsightCyber's Chief Scientist, for an East Bay webinar: "Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber Security." Learn all about the emerging theory behind Decision Support Science...


- Random Forests and Linear Regressions

- Neuroscience and Cognitive Behavior

- What do bad actors understand about our thalamus and visual cortex?

- What are intractable equations that enforce what we believe at a rate of 600 to 1 over the new information that must be understood?

- What’s the importance of Peer Review and Cohesion?

- What indicators tell us quite clearly if a group is likely to protect us or do harm?

- Do I like my job? Do I like my coworkers? Am I committed to my company? Do people listen to me? Do people respect my opinion?

- What if these same questions apply to the entire social platform and the state of our digital citizens?


Thu, Nov 12, 2020 10:00 PM EST & Fri, Nov 13, 2020 12:00 AM EST


Video Podcast: The CyberHero Adventures, Episode 2

Join Gary Berman as he speaks with Jeff Shaffer from Aon Cyber Solutions and Francis Cianfrocca & Curtis Blount from InsightCyber.  InsighCyber is a 2020 Gold Winner of the dot COMM Awards.

Joan Ross Named One of the 10 Most Influential Women in Tech

Appearing on

Joan Ross, Chief Intelligence Officer at InsightCyber, was named one of the 10 Most Influential Women in Technology by Analytics Insight. Joan’s career focus has been on cybersecurity. She started on the customer side and then worked her way up through the organizations of many of the industry-leading vendors in this space including Microsoft, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, DocuSign and most recently as a CISO of Fortinet.  

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Baker Hughes' On-Demand Webinar - The Protected Plant: Assessing cybersecurity risk and building your roadmap

Featuring Francis Cianfrocca, InsightCyber CEO

The old adage “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” is a fitting statement when it comes to industrial cybersecurity. You’re required to have a complete understanding of industrial vulnerabilities, threats, and their impacts, as well as address an increasing amount of mandated security compliance requirements. With the acceleration of remote operations, digital transformation initiatives, and the convergence of IT/OT, assessing your plant network for vulnerabilities is a critical step to lower operational risk and develop a roadmap to ensure your plant is protected.


Podcast: Harvard University & InsightCyber, “The Cybersecurity Nexus Between Academia and Large Enterprises…People” 

Podcast featuring Joan Ross, Chief Intelligence Officer.

Our next guest is Joan Ross, the Chief Intelligence Officer at InsightCyber. Joan is a Global technologist focused on cyber security, machine learning, AI, threat analysis, secure design, global services, incident response, software defined networking, encryption key management, privacy, infrastructure reliability, and successful technical implementation of industry leading cyber security strategy.


Cyber-Physical Systems: The Coming Singularity

By Dr. Marty Trevino, Chief Scientist, InsightCyber

At this moment, a subtle but fundamental technological shift is occurring that is uniting our digital and physical worlds at the deepest architectural and operational levels. This technological shift will alter the global business, government, military and intelligence ecosystems. It is nothing less than a technological singularity and this technology will forever change our world—it is called Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). From PRISM, the Journal of the National Defense University Press. 


Trust in Data: A Multi-Dimensional Approach

By Dr. Marty Trevino, Chief Scientist, InsightCyber

Data-driven decision making at the strategic levels continues to be a desired but elusive goal for countless organizations. The anecdotal evidence of this inconvenient truth is overwhelming, with data scientists bearing witnesses to the inability of data to penetrate the bastion of higher-order decision making. 

The purist's answer to this wicked problem has been to more of the same. Yet, the failure of well-intentioned quants to improve trust-of-data in high-order decisions has little to do with the data. Part of the answer to this conundrum resides in the neuroscience of decision-making.  From LinkedIn.