INSIGHTCYBER equips cybersecurity professionals and decision-makers with industry-leading tools and technology to create mile deep insights and create Information & Decision Supremecy.

Together we create the future.


Assessing Cyber Security Posture

Spherical Awareness encompasses quantifying and understanding both Cyber Risk and Capabilities.  Quantifying both Risk and Capabilities enables a CISO to make informed decisions precisely where to buy down risk and where to increase or decrease capabilities as part of the firm's cyber strategy.  

Insightcyber utilizes a reviewed and proven cyber risk and capabilities model to inform investments in people and technology.  IC Risk Models capture every aspect of the firm's structure, technology, behaviors, and threat types.  Our Capabilities Model captures the firm's human capital from a skill and expertise lens.  This valuable insight is the foundation for training, mentoring, and new hires to build capabilities precisely where required. 

IoT & OT SOC Monitoring


Data Science and Visual Analytics

Data is the new Prima Material and Data Science and Analytics if the Alchemy. The 21st Century has evolved into a data-rich world requiring firms to sense make of it at speed and scale.  In fact, the ability to sense make of data and take time-sensitive actions based on insights can easily translate into a strategic competitive advantage.  


At Insightcyber we provide cyber security specific Data Science and Visual Analytics services to clients and partners.  These services range from computational in nature to UX design of Visual Analytics applying Tufte's tenets such as data density, Gestault's six principles of design, and the Neuroscience of Decision Making as an antecedent to creating deeper mental models of the data.  

Creating more dashboards isn't the answer nor will purchasing larger color palettes in BI software produce better decisions with data.  Today's CISO's are employing advanced Data Science and next-generation understanding of Analytics and how human beings make decisions with data to build understanding.

Call or email for a deeper dive into precisely how we can advance your efforts.

Decision Science

The Data Scientist focuses on finding insights and relationships in data while the Decision Scientist is looking to find insights as they relate to the decision at hand. For Decision Scientists, the Use Case comes first; analysis follows and is dependent on the specific decision present. 

The Decision Scientist, therefore, takes a full 360 view of the business challenge and will consider the type of analysis, visual analytics utilized, behavioral understanding, and even the Neuroscience perspective of risky decisions that can help a stakeholder make a specific decision. Thus Data and Decision Scientists are different animals but are extremely complimentary when paired together as an organizational capability. 

At Insightcyber we are one of the rare organizations to provide decision science expertise within the cybersecurity realm.  Our decision science expertise can elevate almost any data science capability and improve decision-making within the firm.

Cybersecurity Organizational Centric Research

Among our unique offerings is the ability to conduct organizational specific studies to determine how cybersecurity data is utilized in the decision-making process within the firm.  This unique offering often entails determining how long cyber-security specialists look at specific dashboards and data sets then what actions were taken as a result.  These insights provide a CISO with a deep understanding of where to focus in terms of what data is displayed, being utilized, and how to improve communication and decision making.  

What Are You're Use Cases


At Insight Cyber we're all about understanding your service Use-Cases.  We understand that no single cyber-security organization can have all the skills, expertise, or analysts for every mission.   


It's here that we can help.  We maintain deep relationships with strategic partners to pull together the people and technology that is required at the right time and place to accomplish the objectives.  

Reach out and tell us your IT, OT or IoT Use Cases and let us help. 


"Together we design the future". 

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