Monitor and Manage Your Customers' 
IT/IoT Infrastructure with our Managed Services & Solutions

The NetRadar Partner Program offers modules that are designed to enable you to add managed cyber-physical services and solutions to your portfolio. Your can get started today, by integrating NetRadar with your customers pre-existing SOCs and SIEM platforms. 

Sign up now and start collaborating with the best minds and most innovative technologies in the cyber-physical world. Your customers' CISOs, engineers, and production managers will sleep better at night, knowing that their industrial production assets are being managed and secured by experts.  

As our Partner, you will have the ability to resell:

  • Managed cyber-physical services

  • NetRadar continuous monitoring

  • NetRadar Prediction Analytics 

  • Early detection at the reconnaissance phase for IT and cyber-physical systems

Sign up today and we will discuss:

  • How to engage with us

  • Business terms and onboarding effort

  • Training

  • Integration packages

  • Shared marketing programs

The NetRadar Partner Program is designed for:

  • Systems integrators

  • OT systems providers

  • Capital goods vendors

  • Managed Service Providers 

  • Managed Security Service Providers

  • Cybersecurity VARs

As our Partner, we will help you provide the following to your customers:

  • Service Operations Center

  • Solutions for IT, OT and IoT cybersecurity

  • CISO as a Service 

  • Rapid assessment / Risk assessment