InsightCyber, Inc. provides a portfolio of managed IoT security services that deliver continuous, real-time cyber risk management and improved operational efficiencies of industrial IoT assets. Our domain is cyber-physical security, risk and operations.


Our team comprises a unique team of practitioners, including CSOs, Data Scientists, and experts in ICS/OT, Risk, Cybersecurity and industrial process management.

What We Do: The Story Behind InsightCyber Services


“We at InsightCyber are changing the way people think about IoT risk management, from something you do on a questionnaire twice a year to something that is continuously monitored.”

-Francis Cianfrocca, Founder & CEO, InsightCyber

Traditional OT Security

A decade ago, engineers ran industrial production systems without thinking about cybersecurity, because the systems ran in isolated networks. Then along came digitization and the Internet of Things. All of a sudden, those production networks weren’t so isolated anymore, and engineers had to face the problem of cyber risks to production and safety.

Rush to OT Security Product

Overnight, an array of startups appeared with new cyber products. The industry became flooded with IoT/ICS/OT security solutions. CISOs, engineers, and production managers were confused by the untested technology. Even worse, they knew they wouldn’t be able to hire and train all the people they’d need to support these products.

Rethinking OT Security Support

As experts in production engineering and cybersecurity, the Insight Cyber team interviewed peers, customers, colleagues, and other experts to better understand the problem. They found that OT engineers coveted the traditional situation where they didn’t have to think so much about security. They were tired of this consuming their work.

A Solution to the Problem

Based on this “insight,” the so-named Insight Cyber team is building a multi-tenant service platform that enables SOC operators and MSSPs to offer managed IoT/industrial security to their customers. The new MSSP technology will be specifically tailored for IoT, and includes advanced machine-learning algorithms to support operations at global scale.

Return to a New Normal

The goal is for MSSPs to bring new reports, events, and actionable alerts to their customers using their existing SOCs and SIEM platforms. CISOs, engineers, and production managers should thus begin sleeping better at night, confident that their industrial production assets are being managed and secured by experts.

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• Device ID, Behavioral Profiles, Security Actions/ Whitelisting, Wired/Wireless/Bluetooth

• Monitor up to 2,000 OT and IoT devices … at no obligation!


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