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The NetRadar™ managed IoT security service provides visual analytics of your global infrastructure (shown here).


Our cyber and physical worlds are converging.

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InsightCyber equips cybersecurity professionals and decision-makers with innovative technology and services to create mile-deep insights.

Together we are designing the future.



Hard Problems | A Unique Approach


Identifying IoT and OT devices and their behaviors on networks has been a consistent challenge for cyber-security personnel.  Once devices have been identified, those behaviors and relationships to each other must also be understood and visualized, this has created the need for Analytics at Scale.   


As OT, IT, IoT, and CPS converge, data has become multi-dimensional and multi-temporal vastly increasing the level of complexity which cyber-security experts must contend with. At Insight Cyber, we are fielding a new generation of sensors and an innovative, unique approach to Analytics at Scale and embedded ML. The result is a heightened level of situational awareness designed to enable action and keep your networks and devices safe.


Spherical Awareness

The desire for simplicity and understanding has led to concepts designed to reduce dimensionality such as Single Pane of Glass (SPOGS) and other failed concepts.

No single concept has proven truly effective in this quest, yet the field of Visual Analytics and the Neuroscience of Decision Making tells us we can reduce dimensionality in ways that enable better decision-making.  

InsightCyber decision scientists are the first to develop what we call Spherical Awareness - a full 360-degree awareness of the cyber-ecosystem through dimensionality segmentation and reduction.  

Analytics at Scale

Analytics at Scale has been a significant challenge for Cyber Security Professionals.  As OT, IT, IoT, and CPS converge, the level of complexity has increased exponentially as data has become multi-dimensional.


The result is performing analytics at speed and scale has posed a challenge requiring an innovative approach.

Our Advanced Visual Analytics efforts are deeply integrated with our next generation concept of Spherical Awareness designed to create Decision Supremacy.  This innovative approach to cybersecurity can benefit any organization. 

Decision Supremacy

Decision Supremacy is the outcome of InsightCyber's application of Decision Science - informed decisions based on precision, easily digestible data.


Our Decision Science collects quantitative techniques used to inform decision-making at the individual and population levels.


It includes decision analysis, risk analysis, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, constrained optimization, simulation modeling, and behavioral decision theory, along with elements of operations research, microeconomics, statistical inference, management control, cognitive and social psychology, and computer science.​ 




Analytics at Scale has been a significant challenge for cyber security professionals.  As OT, IT, IoT, and CPS converge, the level of complexity has increased exponentially as data has become multi-dimensional. 


The result is performing analytics at speed and scale has posed a challenge requiring an innovative approach.  But analytics is not the end state - Decision Supremacy through intelligence, information, and insights that results in data-informed action is the end state for any CISO. 

Our approach to this end state was inspired by the fields of Visual Analytics, the neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral psychology of decision-making.  We believe we can alter the cyber security paradigm for your firm in ways that adversaries can not touch. 



Formulating Strategy is a lost art.  Often strategy that is created becomes shelf-ware or is not an actual strategy, in that it fails to be action-oriented.  Cyber Strategy is also often overlooked in the never-ending race to "get things done" with tragic consequences.


Author Richard Rumelt tells us that good strategy is elegant and simple, often being little more than one-page and always realistically linked to execution.  Unfortunately, most cyber-security strategies when they do exist are little more than template-ware strategies and a "check the box" activity.

At InsightCyber, we have a deep understanding of how to create and help implement real cyber-strategy that can improve capabilities and reduce costs.  We strategically partner with firms to guide the creation of such strategies and help CISOs realize the potential gains.  



ML and AI have been utilized by cybersecurity specialists and devops personnel for several years with some degree of success, but nowhere to the desired level.   

At InsightCyber, we're exploring novel approaches to ML in relation to the identification of devices and heuristics in IoT devices and CPS.  Our approach has been to "build in" ML vs. "build on" and make it native to our platform. Our ML runs unseen and unobtrusively while being self-learning through the use of massive untrained neural nets. 

One novel way our ML is being utilized is to identify and visualize the relationship of devices through hyper-graphs. Utilizing graph databases, visual analytics, and ML our platform is able to both identify anomalous behavior and visualize it at speed and scale enabling rapid investigation of the devices in question. 



Having an optimized cybersecurity team means that we understand your internal cyber capabilities and the risks you face. 


InsightCyber's "Decision Supremacy" enables a CISO to make data-informed resourcing and risk reduction decisions. 

At InsightCyber, we have developed both cloud-based and application cyber risk and capability models for use by CISOs to quantitatively quantify risk and capability to answer Board of Directors-level questions about your cybersecurity posture.  




Insight Cyber Group was created in 2017 by CEO Francis Cianfrocca, CSO Curtis Blount and CTO Roland Cozzolino in an effort to provide novel and world-class visibility into IoT device behavior on networks. InsightCyber quickly evolved into an advanced sensing, analytics, and cyber-physical security firm.  Cyber-physical represents the meshing of our cyber and physical worlds and represents among the greatest challenges to net-security.  

Today, InsightCyber has grown both its core team and relationships with partner firms. InsightCyber's scientific efforts are now laying the foundation to incorporate the Neuroscience of Decision Making into all future analytic interfaces with the intended outcome being improved and sustained decision-making at all levels.

InsightCyber technical teams are embarking on conceptualizing and creating the next generation of AI and High-Order Augmented Intelligence. This radically new form of AI will sync with individual users and understand their Cognitive and Behavioral Psychological traits and states and heuristics to correct deficiencies and decision errors at the strategic/creative decision level.  

Together, we are designing the future.


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